What happens when journalists play bingo

 (Left to right) Skylar Gallop, Courtney Butcher, and Jennifer Hines  

(Left to right) Skylar Gallop, Courtney Butcher, and Jennifer Hines  

Earlier this week, one of the KLTV anchors Taylor Hemness invited me to go to an event he was hosting, the Children's Advocacy Center of Smith County second annual  Blingo!

I thought: "sure! Why not? Go play a couple games of Bingo with some work girls, have a chance at winning some new swag, and I'm getting free wine tickets!? I'm in." 


What I found out tonight, is that journalists may be far too competitive for bingo, especially when you add designer labels into the mix! We asked way too many questions and dove way too deep into the logistics of the game, but oh my did we have fun while we lost! 

Our table dynamic included Skylar who didn't know how to play Bingo (who doesn't know how to play bingo right?) , Courtney had an impressive two sheets the entire night, and Jennifer proved to be the most polite of our bunch!

I didn't win the Louis Vuitton, nor did I even get close to making a bingo line during all 15 games, but I had good wine and even better laughs.  

Soooo, who's the real winner? Thank you, Taylor!