Where I found Maple Bacon Doughnuts available 24 Hrs. a day

Donut Review 11: Glazed - Houston, Tx 

I couldn't go on a weekend road trip and go to any ol' doughnut shop. I wanted the best experience Houston had to offer.

To my surprise, not only did I find the best doughnut shop, I found the most unique doughnut experience. 

If you're a true doughnut lover, you know that your opportunity to purchase this great breakfast item is first thing in the morning. So, I constantly beg the question, "where are the 24 hour doughnut shops?" 

Well, one of them is in Houston, Tx. 

Located just blocks from NRG stadium, you'll find the only cook-to-order doughnut shop I've ever seen, called "Glazed". I decided to go at midnight, because why go to a 24 hour doughnut shop during normal business hours? 

Let me be very clear, this ain't yo mama's glazed donut! ... and I wouldn't come expecting it. 


Inside a glassed-in bakery, several doughnut cooks were preparing some of the most unique and delicious doughnut creations I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing... but their specialty, the Maple Bacon Doughnut. 


This donut was large (and in charge), sugar-rich, and packed with protein! You don't hear that very often about doughnuts! 

The bacon on top wasn't bacon bits you buy at the grocery store, it was fresh HUGE chunks, packed heavier than a sprinkled doughnut! ... and the doughnut itself was fresh and flavorful as could be. 



So my choice was a huge success, but maybe you don't like maple, bacon, or doughnuts. Here are a few other types of people who may enjoy Glazed...

  • People who love a great music selection 
  • People who like fair prices on a menu 
  • Gourmet coffee lovers 
  • People who enjoy glazed croissant breakfast sandwiches
  • People who like to watch their food being made
  • or people who like to be around people (this place has a line to the door at all times, even at midnight!) 

I left feeling happily glazed.