My labor-free Labor Day weekend

 Hotel Derek, Houston Tx

Hotel Derek, Houston Tx

This labor day weekend I am taking the opportunity to capitalize on some last-minute summer adventures: road trips, sleeping in, and some beach time. 

But before adventure ensues... substantial R&R is a mustThat's what this holiday is for, right? 

The blackout curtains slowly slipped over the view of our Houston skyline, as my eyelids fell heavy. Almost instantly I fell into the most magnificent of all sleeps. 

One hour later, I awoke feeling better than Sleeping Beauty and ready to play (and eat)! Woohoo! No more summer body stress!

Wishing everyone a well-rested and adventurous Labor Day weekend! You worked all year for this day! Literally! 

Follow my quick adventure on Snapchat 👻 @erikabazzle. I get to play babysitter to the sweetest polaroid camera this weekend (s/o to my G).