That feeling you get right before something amazing is about to happen

I've held this feeling in my stomach for the past week. It's very similar to the feeling you get right before the first day of school. I feel like a little girl! 

You know the feeling, too! You're nervous and scared and excited, all in one. Your palms begin to sweat at the idea of great change, but without a doubt you are ready for it. You want it. You crave it. Mostly because more than anything, you really like these unknown butterflies. You haven't once asked it to go away. 

That's because something amazing is about to happen. 

This time next week, I will be going on expedition I can only describe as one I will never forget. I will be taking this adventure all on my own, and my excitement for this trip makes it hard for me to get any sleep at night. 

Looking ahead, I daydream about the beautiful and ever-present possibilities of tomorrow...