Always learning: The talent coach that picked me apart


This is the KLTV news meeting room. This is where a lot of the magic happens. A countless number of ideas get shouted across this long table, debates are conducted in the strongest manner, and every day (even though we may not feel like it) we leave this room with a plan. 

Today, I sat at this table across from a man I had never met before. His name was Jim. Jim is a talent coach and today he dissected me down to the bone

Having someone examine the way you speak, sift through the clothing you choose to wear, and challenge varied aspects of your creativity may sound absolutely horrendous, but this afternoon was far from that. It was infinitely rewarding. 

Jim opened my eyes to the "me" I show the world, the me that goes on television. 

We discussed the art of storytelling, we talked about my life, and we deeply discussed my plans in this business. I took advantage of Jim. And what I mean by that is I asked this man every question my little confused news mind could possibly think of, during the three hours I was allotted with him. 

I remember being in college and leaving some of my classes equipt with newfound knowledge thinking, "Wow, I can't wait to get out there and tell a story!" I always feared, maybe that feeling of learning something brand new (and having the opportunity to apply it) was going to be few and far between in my adult life... and boy was I wrong! 

To my great surprise, Jim was very complimentary of my work! Good feedback always makes you feel good! 

Tomorrow, I apply this education in my personal quest to be the absolute best I can be. 

Always learning. Always bettering. Always moving forward.