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Eat, Pray, Love author creates the ultimate yes-girl life book

createErika BazalduaComment

Grab a glass of white zinfandel, get snuggled up in bed, and get ready to become inspired, because Elizabeth Gilbert is about to give you the pep-talk you need! 

For those of you who don't read, this isn't a "book". Big Magic is a fast-paced life lesson that is more enjoyable and funny than all the Housewives series put together. 

Something interesting is that I chose to read this book entirely out loud. I wanted to not only feel what Gilbert was telling me, I wanted to hear it and let it sink in. That tactic worked! 


The read is going to challenge the way you challenge yourself every day. It's going to open your eyes at what you're holding yourself back from. It's going to make you laugh and probably cry too! 

If you're anywhere between the age of the 16 and 60, this book applies to you (for real). 

It is all about how you say 'yes' to the inspiring and creative life you should be living! And I totally get it that we aren't all built on the same side of the brain, but that doesn't matter. 

Big Magic isn't just for the artists, it's for the accountants and tax agents too (shoutout to my entire immediate family)!

It's also a wonderful reminder that life isn't so bad and despite how stressful your life is, you can successfully make it amazing! We're all under pressure! We need a reminder that we're also pretty great! 


One really big thing I took from this book is that I don't do enough creating for Yr. 23! I mean, for heaven's sake it is one of my action items and it is the least filled category! 

I create every day for work, and while the blog is a beautiful and wonderful creation in and of itself, I am going to do my best to start sprinkling some "just for fun creativity" into my daily practice. 

I want you to read this book so much, I am even willing to send you my personal copy (just so long as you don't mind a little bit of underlining)!