Kid President begins series dedicated to Awesome Girls and it's everything

Kid President does it again! This little series is hitting me right in the feels, which is standard for everything KP and his big brother Brad create. 

This time, they are talking about how awesome girls are! Can I get an amen? 

Below I have attached their first two videos, both of which are a must-watch! They discuss the true struggles girls live with during today's day and age, they highlight things #AwesomeGirls are doing around the world, and KP puts that knowledge into an easy to understand four minute video! 

 FUN FACT: This power team is making this series about girls because Brad just had one himself, which means Kid President is an uncle!  Grab your tissues! You won't be crying tears of sadness, just tears from so much inspiring cuteness

If Kid President says it, you know it's true! Now, go be as awesome as he claims you are (girls and boys)! 

You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it!
— KP