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The trail behind you is history

wanderErika BazalduaComment

New month, woohoo! Time to dust off your pants, readjust your boots and continue on down the road. 

The trail you leave behind, whether beloved or hated in memory, is officially history. While this may sound scary, it's actually not at all. Those who love you will always remain by your side as you move, and some in your life may decide to take a different trail. 

 Heading on, we set forth new goals. 

This month, I remain focused on:

  • STAYING AHEAD... because there is literally nothing more exhausting or stressful than being behind in you own life. 
  • FRIENDSHIP.... reaching out to friends who are always true to you. This September I am creating a personal challenge that I will unveil after the close of the month. SUPER excited to share!  
  • ADVENTURE...This one doesn't mean traveling across the world. It's finding the adventure that is in every day. Not the easiest thing to do, but so incredibly fun, once you can! 

Happy September to all!