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City girl gone country: My Johnny Cash cowboy boots

primpErika BazalduaComment

Let me be clear. I've lived in Texas my whole life and yes, I have had boots in my shoe selection for as long as I can remember. They weren't real boots, by any means. They were strictly fashion accessories. 

I received my first pair of real cowboy boots for my birthday back in June and while they were absolutely adorable, they just weren't exactly "me".  

I let the gifted boots sit in my closet while I gathered the vision in my head of the boots I wanted. They had to be just perfect. They couldn't be too country, because I didn't want to feel like a poser.


I wanted classic, simple, and sharp. 

This morning I woke up and thought to myself, "today is the day I get my new boots."

My confidence was at an all-time high when I walked into Cavenders, until I took a look at my options. OMG, I thought the shoe selection at Neiman's was a lot to choose from! 

I immediately knew this was not an operation I was going to be able to tackle on my own, so I called in help from my two best friends, Mae and Amber. I was snapping pictures of boots, one after another, just to make sure I wasn't getting anything too dorky. 

Eventually we all agreed on a gorgeous black faded pair that initially caught my attention. 

Now, Im all booted up and ready for fall (Johnny Cash Style)! Time to get these boots walkin'!


FUN FACT: My dad told me that he wrote the song "These Boots are Made for Walking"... and I believed him. So, in the spirit of boots and good memories, this post is dedicated to him.