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The month I am happy to let go

speakErika BazalduaComment

September was incredible, it was awful and it was everything in between!

I cooked. I traveled. I met up with old friends. I achieved personal successes at work, in that same breath I also had some personal failures. I ate great doughnuts. I completed a lot of retail therapy.  I stayed positive as best as I could and I started over. 

Needless to say, this month was a whirlwind and even though it was emotionally chaotic, it is still a month I can certainly smile about. Which is all we can ever ask for, right? 

October will be something completely different and I'm ready to see where that "different" takes me. 

So for this post, on the last Thursday of the month (where I usually compile an epic throwback collaborative), this is all I've got. I don't have 23 extra pictures from events that didn't make the cut, I don't have a list of items I want to expand upon, and I don't have that stuff, because I laid it all out in the last four weeks. The good and the bad. 

Onward we go...