Why I needed the cops to help me in Vegas

I woke up to the sound of the last car leaving the Lucky Cuss Motel parking lot. I couldn't believe I slept through the night on top of such a disgusting bed. 

Everything about me wanted to get up and get out of this room, as soon as possible. Once I did I knew I would be okay because the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino awaited my arrival. 

I got out of bed and began packing my clothes, only to realize my phones where about to die and I needed to grab their chargers while I got my stuff together. 

I went to open my door and it didn't open. 

I examined the situation up and down. There was no deadbolt that could have been catching it up, there was nothing stuck in my way, and there was no one on the other side to help me!

"Surely the front desk will be able to help," I thought as I dialed the operator. 

Nothing. 2 hours of nothing, in fact. 

I went back to the door. This time I wrapped my bandanna around it, hiked my leg onto the wall for added support and tugged with all of the strength in my body (post several days of hiking).

Again nothing.

"Okay, let's try the window," I thought. My last shred of hope in escaping this room was this potential exit and as I went to unlock the window's latch, it broke off into my hand. The window was not opening either. 

I had to make a decision. I couldn't stay in this room forever and the operator wasn't answering, so I was left with one choice. I had to call the police. 

I went back and forth between both the Las Vegas police and fire departments, explaining my series of ridiculously unfortunate events. They told me this wasn't a standard call and at first it seemed like no one was going to help me. Apparently they needed documentation to break into the motel, despite the fact that I was alone in this is sketchy place! 

"What kind of nightmare is this!?" 

Eventually, the police agreed to come. I had my bags pack and I was ready for their arrival. 

They stopped by the front desk and deliberated a plan for a while. According to them, there were  four women in the front office. Why weren't they answering the freaking phone!? 

I watched as they started coming towards me. They almost completely passed my room, so I yelled from inside. 

"I'm in here!" I said. 

"Ma'am, how are you stuck?" The older cop said. 

"The door is jammed, it's not locked and I have been trying for hours!" I replied. 

They gave the door several tries, and nothing. 

"Have you gone to the window ma'am?" The younger one question. 

I pulled back the curtain from my room to reveal to them the window's lock in my hand. 

"Oh.... gotcha," said the young cop. 

Again, they went back and forth between the front desk and my room. In the meantime they asked me why a young girl would be traveling all of this way alone. That was the question of the hour! 

I heard the older cop trying at the door again. I moved back just in case it worked and BOOM! 

He forced the door open with a body check and I was free! The sunlight was so bright it looked like heaven outside! 

I thanked these two gentleman while I packed my car up. They stayed to make sure I didn't need any other assistance. 

I didn't, so they went on their way. 

I ended up getting half of my money back from Lucky Cuss for the night.

The manager was confused why I was so upset to be locked in that room for hours and hours. He said they never got my calls because their operating system was down. 

I looked at him in disbelief, got my money and promised myself I would never come back to this place again. 

So onward I went. I grabbed some doughnuts and went straight for the Hard Rock! 

I arrived only to find my room had been upgraded and the most awesome pool party at Rehab was happening right outside my balcony! 

Lady luck was changing for me and it was time to have some fun! 

Thankfully, I did it all in Vegas! I went down to pool, did some shopping, walked the strip, ate great food, got dressed up, had drinks, met people, and even ended up with a huge slice of pizza as a bedtime snack from the 24 hour pizza place in my hotel! 

So what's a trip without a meltdown moment? These things are honest and real! 

I came on this trip to have fun and to learn about myself. 

After this morning, I know I can get through anything!

The next stop is California. My heart cannot handle the excitement.