Lost & Found: The necklace with a dream


Tonight, I found this little tiny box inside a bag of jewelry I haven't touched in years. I've been looking for this box for a while and I thought I'd never see it again. 

Inside the box are three charms: a Texas charm, a heart, and California charm.

These three brass pieces used to be attached to a thin brass necklace that I wore every day of the first half of my Junior year of college. I wore it as my motivation to be on my best behavior because I planned to spend the following summer in California. 

It was all planned out. I was going to stay with one of my sorority alumni, while simply exploring who I was, outside of the places I was most comfortable. 

Needless to say, life happened and I decided not to go. I got an internship in Dallas that was too amazing to pass up. My heart told me no for many reasons, so I stayed. 

This necklace broke just a couple months before summer began. I saw it fitting that the dream of going away just wasn't meant to be, so I boxed it up in it's original packaging and put the necklace and the dream away, for the time being. 

Four moves and three cities later, I found the charms. I couldn't believe my eyes. 

Some things are not lost forever...