Drive time: The journey is not over


I have two very long drives between the west coast and East Texas, one in Phoenix and the next in Midland, TX. This final stretch is where I think hard about what I want to leave behind in the barren deserts along my journey home. 

As I was leaving California, I was telling a friend a recap of my gorgeous evening at the beach. They asked me if the trip was everything I wanted it to be. 


I thought about it for a second and I couldn't come up with an answer, because the journey is not over. I still have to make it back home. Then, we can assess what I took away from my travels. 

It is during these long drives when the heavy thinking comes into play. I review where I have been and I plan for the future. 

I've been doing a lot of daydreaming about where I want my life to go personally and professionally. So far it's all very hopeful... 

But mostly I am consumed with these reoccurring questions... 

What did I learn? What am I coming home to? What do I plan to change about myself when I get back?

After 20 plus hours of alone time in the car, I'm confident I'll be able to come up with something...

I'm coming home a little lighter than I left.