What's so special about 23? My Mother.



My mother, Jo Ann Bazaldua, celebrates her birthday today and a little part of my soul flutters because of it.

While we share different months, Mom and I are 23 twins, meaning that we both share a birthday on the 23rd. Her mother's mother (my grandmother) is also a 23 gal, too (look for that post in February)!

When people ask me why I love 23 "sooooo much", my mother is one of the first things that comes to mind, among the laundry list of reasons.

Jo Mama is my living clone and there is no running away from it, not that I would ever want to. The woman is poised in her strength, beautiful beyond words, and she is the 'yes-girl' that puts me to shame.

"We'll make it work, baby!" That was the quote mom would say in her most casual of tones when I was faced with my most difficult circumstances. With mom, I knew everything was going to be okay and it always was!


So when I lay out the foundation of what 23 means to me. My mother is undoubtedly my base. When I have questions in life, I consider what she would do. She is so easily inspired by the smallest of things, which inspires me to see beauty in those same moments.

... and have you looked at my mother? I'm not dreading 50 at all! 

Happy 23, to all and an even bigger Happy Birthday to my soulmate, Jo Mama!