Daddy Issues Part 3: The only man who ever told me 'no'

Before I get started, if you haven't been versed on my Daddy Issues I invite you to check out part one (click here) and part two (click here). Part one is crucial to your overall understanding. 

Today, being that it is my father's birthday, I feel obligated to bring up a new set of Daddy Issues

Ever since I was a little girl, Dad was always telling me, "no." Short and sweet. Just... no. 

I knew if I wanted to go to my best friend Lizzie's house after school, I'd be better off asking mom. Don't even THINK about asking for that extra toy without a fantastic reason as to why you "earned it". OMG... and in high school if you didn't have a good enough debate as to why you were staying out past curfew, it wasn't happening. 

There was no asking why and when I did, I was sure to get some response that made my blood boil like, "because I'm the Dad, Erika." 

It goes without saying, 'no' is the complete opposite of how I live my life... but Dad always knew that. I just never thought he did! 

Dad knew, if he told me 'no', I'd eventually find my yes. I wasn't a "sit around and wait for change" kind of kid. 

So, eventually when other people started telling me 'no', when life starting throwing 'no' after 'no' at me, and when 'no' seemed to be the end of the road, I figured out that it wasn't and it never would be. 

My whole life, up until now, I wondered why I couldn't have had a few more 'yeses'*. It was because he was saving them all up for me to give them to myself... and what a gift that has become!

The truth of the matter is, Dad is the most giving 'yes-man' on the planet. Not a day in my life have I witnessed a more generous human being. It is so effortlessly in his makeup. 

And if we're really being honest... the man wouldn't say 'no' to me today if his life depended on it, because his work is done. 

Happy happy birthday, Daddy Bazaldua! You are one special man to me!



*yeses is totally a word. I looked it up.