Back on Texas soil: East Texas bound


I can't count how many gas stations I have stopped to fill up at. Some were so deserted I wondered how they were still in operation.

But each station serves the same purpose. They remind me that I am one step closer to being home. 

My heart swelled when I saw the "Welcome to Texas" sign as I crossed into El Paso. Ever since I left California, I have chosen to surround myself with friends and family at each stop. They help transition back to into normalcy. They also help me from ever feeling lonely. 

The drives are long. Sometimes they are hard to complete, but mostly they are really very wonderful for my thoughts.  

It's nice seeing my world coming back together right before my eyes. Once again, real life stands before me. 

It's all about how we face what we come back to. You can't run away from anything for too long! 

Looking forward to my shows this weekend. There is still so much about about this journey that I can't wait to tell.