...and we're back. The show must go on!


It was go-go-go from the minute I walked into the newsroom early this morning. 

I was beyond excited to see my partner and producer Lila, but there was a lot of work to be done! Multiple large fires had erupted overnight, one of which had our phones ringing off the hook from concerned viewers in the area. 

Between the hours of one in the morning and showtime at 8 a.m., Lila and I were able to catch up. It was good being "home", mostly because I knew I was safe

I was safe from sketchy motels or dark scary parts of the wilderness! It was just me, my friend, and the show we love. 


8am rolled around faster than I could process. The feeling of applying a full face of makeup and teasing my hair to perfection had become temporarily foreign to me. 

I looked in the mirror, after I finished my transformation and thought, "wow, what did I just do?" 

I made it through my journey! Now, I have to find a way to mentally process this huge adventure! But I knew that moment, was not the time!  


In the blink of an eye it was lights, camera, action and the opening music to our show was playing in the studio. 

It had been two full weeks since I sat at the anchor desk. It felt good to deliver breaking news, chat about the beautiful weather and even get in a few laughs with my on-camera coworkers. 

The show went on successfully and I left the station a happy girl. 

I have this heavy feeling that the lessons of my journey are beginning to surface in the most unique ways. I'm starting to realize this is the adventure that keeps on giving... 

More to come...