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When Friday nights mean going to bed early and waking up even earlier

speakErika BazalduaComment

Ever since I moved to my new job in Tyler, it is my normal routine to be asleep every Friday night around 7p.m., only to be awake for work the next day around midnight. 

While sitting at my desk, I watch social media fill with events, as the night unfolds. I watch snapchat stories of my friends going out, I see countless drink pictures, and always (the one that kills me the most) the "goodnight" image. 

I look over it all and can't help but think, "I wish that was me." 

I do... I totally wish I did have normal nights out with friends and had the luxury of falling asleep on the weekends, while knowing I can sleep in however late I want. 

But... it's not all tears and sadness.

My pity party about not being with friends only lasts a little bit, because when everyone wakes up, they have the option of turning on the TV and seeing meWhich is so awesome! 

I always knew I would have to make sacrifices to get where I wanted to go in life and I am happy to make them. So tonight, I am treating myself to popcorn and Netflix (versus a tall margarita) before bed and tomorrow I live out another day of my dream. 

Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods!