#FinishStrongSFA: the legacy of a man lives on through his message of faith

When I opened Facebook this Wednesday morning, the first post at the top of my news feed was the following: 

My Dad went to be with the Lord this morning at 8:55 AM (9:09 officially) Our biggest prayers were that I would get to be with him and that he wouldn’t suffer. God answered both of them. Last night when everyone went to sleep I asked my Dad if he could hear me and knew it was John David, then to wiggle his toes, and he did. And I got to tell him everything I’ve wanted to for so long and sing his favorite worship song over him. The Lord even added to that by allowing me to be holding his hand and looking into his eyes when he took his last breath this morning. No suffering. Thank you Jesus.
— JD Rodgers Wednesday August 5, 2015 10:16am

My heart felt the most intense mixture of sadness and hope. 

I had to think all day on the words I wanted to say about JD, his incredible father, and his awe-inspiring family. 

I had the incredible honor of meeting the entire Rodgers clan, earlier this year, at one of the most inspiring events I have ever been to: #FinishStrongSFA. They were calm, honest and hopeful when they spoke to me. It was an interview I will never forget. 

JD's father, Chris, was given 7 months to live after discovering a very intense form of cancer. JD, being a driven man of Christ, took action. He made it his mission to have his father's story and message of faith heard by the masses. 

JD coordinated the event Finish Strong SFA in his father's honor, along with the help of several amazing Lumberjacks. Never, in my history as a student, have I seen a crowd turn out for an event like this one. There was music, dancing, discussion, and a delivery from Chris that changed an entire campus of college students. 

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The interview I had with the Rodgers lasted nearly three times as long as I ever interview, simply because I was infatuated with their walk through faith. I learned more than I felt I could write in one article, so I followed it up with a second. 

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During this families last 7 months with their father and husband, they did everything they could to help others. Chris spread a message that worked! He showed people that anyone can tackle any challenge, he opened their eyes to faith, and people wanted to walk with him during his journey to Christ. 

I am forever indebted to the Rodgers family because of the life-changing testimony they shared, and I know I am not alone in saying so. 

Praying for nothing but continued strength for Susan, JD, and Christopher. 

Thank you Lord for putting such wonderful people on our planet.