The elephant in the room: Big Joe Walker at White Elephant Fort Worth

It was a smokey bar, filled with characters of all ages, in a small saloon off the brick roads of the Fort Worth Stock yards. Inside the historic White Elephant, played the music of one of the most musically talented men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, Big Joe Walker and his band. 


After completing a quick survey of the entire bar, what I saw was every single pair of eyes was glued to the stage. People weren't playing on their phones, they were paying complete attention.

Standing seven feet tall, with a voice as powerful as thunder, it's not hard to be captivated by Big Joe. 

In between incredible original songs from his first and upcoming albums, Joe wasn't afraid to put a smooth jazz-country spin on a pop hit like, Uptown Funk

Big Joe and his band took a quick break, during his show and came and sat at our table for a little catch up. I always love talking to Joe because he's a dreamer and a doer. He's also completely fearless...and that's a sick combination.

Joe proved his fearless hilarous nature after our conversation finished, when he got back on stage to play a cover of one of his favorite artists. He jokingly shouted over the mic, "If you don't like Jimi Hendrix, you're probably not American and racist!" The whole bar erupted with applause! 

Joe is the antithesis of any standard country artist stereotype, but he is quickly making his way into the industry he loves.

If you haven't heard of him, yet, it is worth the extra click! Listen, listen, listen! 

I suggest "One Night Stand" on the new album!

Instagram: @Bigjoewalker

Facebook: Big Joe Walker


We sat and listened, until the very last song...