4 reasons passionate Type-A's have a really hard time saying "I'm sorry"

You know when you start talking and all of the sudden, you say something and you're counterpart gives you an expression that reads, "oh my gosh, I can't believe you just said that?" 

Well, all of us aren't pro's at recovering from those moments. 

I want to start off by stating that I am not a psychologist (obviously), nor do I claim to be! I have simply gathered a compilation of personal thoughts and statements I have seen come from fellow passionate Type-A's, that have added to my short study! You never know, you may relate more than you think! 


1. Wait.. did I really say something wrong?  I realize this statement, in itself, makes me sound super self-centered, but most of the time I am genuinely confused about why I need to pull together an "I'm sorry." In that same breath, I'm not completely evil-spirited. I do feel bad that your feelings are hurt. I just thought I was speaking my mind... so...??

2. I can honestly debate this all day long. It's not that I don't want to kiss and makeup, it's that now debating this topic is becoming somewhat of a game for me... and I'm really good at creating my list of reasons as to why I said what I said (except I'm probably putting my foot even further in my mouth). 

3. Does this make me look weak? Does it mean I lost the fight if I apologize first? Are you going to hold this against me, later on down the road? Probably not, because you're most likely a really nice Type-B who says "I'm Sorry" with no difficulty. 

4. Okay so maybe I did do something wrong... Now I am just super embarrassed and my guilt is attacking me like a plague. Like I said before, I'm not evil. I'm just a little stubborn!

Saying "I'm Sorry", is undoubtably the most difficult two words to be spoken in the human language (I can debate I'm Sorry vs. I love you any day). It is a true test of strength and character, and I am glad to admit, every time I let that simple phrase slip from my lips, I am overall a happier person. 

So if you're anything like this article, there is room for you to be a little happier, too!