The irony of Tropical Storm Erika

I was made aware of Tropical Storm Erika on Monday morning, by my desk neighbor Cody Lillich. Naturally, I expressed more excitement for this storm than I have any other storm or hurricane, simply because we share the same namesake! But really... how perfect and appropriate that this is the FIRST hurricane I've ever been alive to see, that is named Erika (with a K), conveniently during Yr. 23!  

And there's more... 

Just one tropical storm prior to Erika, was Tropical Storm Danny... but that storm didn't fully prove itself, eventually fading to its death!

For those of you who don't know, Danny is my father's name! I've never seen a hurricane Danny in my existence, either. Nevertheless, if Erika continues to rock-and-roll, I will be gloating about this one for a while. 

So, I am enjoying her while she lasts. My trusty meteorologist, Daniel Graves, expects Erika to arrive to Florida this weekend! Looking forward to talking about it on Good Morning East Texas Saturday morning! 

Now to the only appropriate tune, for your listening pleasure...