One of the few times it is acceptable to sleep three to a bed


When it comes to girls and their best friends, the genuine excitement we feel for a sleepover is incomparable, mostly because they become more fun every year we get older! Now, instead of playing with Barbies until we can't keep our eyes open anymore, our wine-induced laughter takes us into a deep slumber!

This weekend, it didn't matter that there were two extra beds for sleeping, because after weeks of time apart, we were slumber partying together (This time in a queen and not a twin, Thank God!) 

Mae slept like a board closest to the phone chargers. Amber, in the middle, forgot multiple times that she was sharing  a bed! All the while, I'm on the other edge becoming very familiar with the gap between the mattress and the wall! 

We were packed like sardines, but we loved every second of it! 

Three to a bed with your siblings... never going to happen. Three to a bed with your best friends, a-okay (and probably too funny for words)!