Then and Now: The annual best friend trip we live for

 Trinity Groves - Dallas

Trinity Groves - Dallas

Any time spent with Mae and Amber means an incredible ab workout for Erika because the laughter is non-stop! From the moment, I arrived in Dallas I found Amber standing in the last visitor parking spot so that no one would take it from me. She's pretty awesome. 


From there, it was boy-talk, the latest gossip, and the most hilarious confessions of events you only would admit to your very best friends. The laughter-ab-workout was a necessity because for some reason, we thought food and drinks were going out of style! I swear I haven't eaten so much within a 48 hour timespan... but that's what you do when you get with the girls! 

Just to avoid going into a full novel about the last two days with my best friends... I compiled a highlights list. 

  • Thinking we could withstand the rain storm that eventually took us out, during our first night at dinner 
  • Walking home at 2am in said rainstorm 
  • Amber's 15th phone dying to the toilet 
  • Rice everywhere 
  • Breakfast in uptown at 2pm... thank God for all-day menus
  • When Amber enlightened us that  Mary-Kate and Ashley say "prune" while they take pictures to create the perfect pout
  • Being able to drink Dos XX and play knockout all in the same amazing place 
  • Snaps on snaps on snaps 
  • Late night In and Out Burger runs 
  • Afternoon rejuvenation naps 
  • and tomorrow's post... sleeping three to a bed! 
 Amber, my superstar athlete

Amber, my superstar athlete

We always talked about how scary it would be to one day have to be fully functioning adults, out of college. We miss it, but it looks like we're going to be okay!

Back to life we go... and another year until we do this weekend all over again! 


Four years ago, Amber would have been caught saying, "Okay guys, let's promise to make this the most epic year of college EVER!"  She was dreading going back to SFA for sorority recruitment, but she loved getting back to her social butterfly ways. 

Today, Amber heads back to SFA for one final semester, finishing out her degree in education. This weekend she came to the table with a lot of fun and was, hands down, the funniest person on my my-story feed. Life is always so hilarious when she is in it.  


Four years ago, Mae would have just finished up whatever summer course she was taking online (helping her perfect 4.0 GPA) and she would have been ready for everyone to hurry up and get back to Nacogdoches so she could have her full squad in tow. 

Today, Mae approaches the final section of her CPA exam, after which she will be a real deal accountant at Deloitte, in Dallas. This girl is rocking a swanky new apartment, soon-to-be career, and has done everything she'd told me she'd do from the first day I met her. #winning


Four years ago, I would have been found causing trouble throughout the sorority house during work week, I would have been totally stressing about the fact that I was a nursing major, and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with all my built up enthusiasm about life.

Today, I continue on with Yr. Twenty-Three. In a place I never dreamed I would be, but so happy I am doing it with the same people I started with. 

We're a pretty lucky crew.