The perfect poolside beer for beer-snobs during summer

It was the perfect day to be in the pool, with a cold one near by.

If you're like me and have completely exhausted your palate of Bud Light Lime or whatever domestic light beer that always makes into your cooler, there is an alternative awaiting you. 

For my fellow beer-snobs (or anyone curious to try something new), I have a refreshing suggestion that won't make you feel like you're drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade. 

Hefe Shandy, from Widmer Borthers Brewing, is a lemon shandy out of Portland, OR... and it's delicious (to say the very least). I'm not one to usually grab for a shandy because I don't think they have enough hop to them, but this one changed my mind. 

It tastes like a solid beer and you know the lemon is in there somewhere, adding just the right summery accent. 

I encourage you to grab for it on your next beer run! It may even be a good introductory beer for non-beer drinkers!