It's going to be okay if the ice cream melts



Today, I got a big scoop of ice cream in a perfectly sprinkled cone. I took it outside and immediately I find myself doing one of those butt-out-face-first-in-ice-cream-drip-prevention poses. 

I knew going into that ice cream shop, if I got a cone, the second the sun hit it, it was all going to be game over... but I wanted it anyway. 

I didn't care that I literally had to eat that tremendously large ice cream scoop in five minutes flat (#HolySugarRush)! It was a little problem, that wasn't going to ruin my big fun! 

It's pretty normal to have a perfectly molded vision of the way you want things to go, and when something small deters that vision, you suddenly convince yourself that everything is ruined! But in reality, it's totally not! 

This weekend, remind yourself, "everything is truly going to be okay if the ice cream melts a little bit." 

Hell, it's even going to be okay if the ice cream gets on your new red sun dress! 

Wishing everyone a fabulous couple days off! Enjoy your summer while you have it!