Pre-weekend goals: Get out and do something!


I can only do so many days of work-home-work-home-work-home. I'm getting off my butt, braving the 100 degree heat index, and doing something fun. 

I decided to create a few goals to keep me in line, and provide you a little preview about what you can expect to see, before Monday rolls back around!

  • Grabbing good beers with good friends... SFA Lumberjack Gus Johnson is making that one real easy for me! He starts with the Cowboys Thursday night, and you better believe I will be celebrating with a cold one! 
  • Getting outside! It's hot, but when winter rolls around, everyone is going to be complaining about how much they miss the summer heat! It's time for a little wandering.... 
  • Refueling mind, body, and soul... Referencing back to some oldie-but-goodie-reads in the process. Finding and focusing on some inspirations that motivate me, and maybe you too! 

Have a great weekend! It's almost here for all of us!