BuzzFeed lied: Our attempt at a Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

Donut Review 6: Buzz Feed Food Donut Ice Cream Sandwich 

What my best friend Amber and I thought was going to be the most delicious dessert combination of all time, ended up being an incredible fail. 

Step by step we followed the BuzzFeed food clip below. A list of instructions that were seemingly easy, was quickly proven to be far too difficult for the two of us to handle. 

Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Posted by BuzzFeed Video on Thursday, July 23, 2015

I knew we were off to a bad start when I began to cut the doughnut in my hand (just like the guy does in the video, on the FIRST step) and the pastry literally began to crumble into my fingers! 

We survived chocolate burns, sprinkle spills, and ice cream melting everywhere in the kitchen, all to get half of a frozen ice cream-ish donut creation (because wax paper was not mentioned in the video). 

Amber said she gave the item a 70 or below, also stating that there was nothing "practical" about this food item. I had mad hope for this recipe, but I am afraid I have to agree with her!

Despite how awful our product turned out, we had an amazing time getting to the finish line! I know you'll be able to tell from our video above. 

Happy Sunday, everyone! May this week be an amazing start to the new month of August! 


Erika (& Amber)