My newfound appreciation for bath time


I used to think that people who took baths, instead of showers, simply had way too much time on their hands. As a child, I used to consider bath time a version of wet solitary confinement. On top of that, it was hard for me to understand why my mother would spend upwards to an hour and a half in the tub reading. 

All of those thoughts, however, changed when I began working full time. Now, it's the scheduling of bath time that is the most difficult thing to do... and when you finally find the time, it has to be perfect. 

To ensure my next bath experience was just that, I turned to the experts. 

Joining me in my tub tonight were three amazing products from Bathhouse Soapery in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The bolded items below will direct you to their respective web links and full details.

Goat Milk Body Butter (Rain): This was the cream I put on my skin as my tub began to drain itself. Lotion doesn't stand a chance against this butter. A little goes a long way for moisture and scent. 

 Bubbling Bath Bomb (Peach): If you're not a huge fan of a ton of bubbles, but love soft skin, this is your new best friend. Pop this sucker in the tub while you fill it up and let the incredible aroma take you into your happy place. 

and last but not least...

Handcrafted Soap by the slice (Honey Pear): Soap shopping was my favorite part of my experience inside this southern-style boutique. Sliced into perfectly shaped rectangles were the most stunning assortment of handmade soaps atop a large wooden display. 

It was like looking at a candy display, but prettier! 

I went with a really fresh theme on this shopping trip, but some of these soaps would send your nose to another planet because they were so vibrant. But the best part about these adorable slices, they last a few months, making them well worth their already affordable price. 

Now to wrap this soft skin in some soft bed sheets, for a much needed night of rest...