The perfect PDA: flowers at work


Flowers at work are great. Flowers on your first day of work are thoughtful. Flowers on a Monday at work... priceless!

I was on my way out to my second story of the day when the KLTV receptionist called my name across the newsroom, "Erika, you have a delivery!" 

I turned around to see flowers in her hand and instantly my heart sang!

I have never been a huge fan of PDA. I don't like people making out, I get uncomfortable when people post mushy gushy Man Crush Monday posts,  and I get easily embarrassed when I hear pet names. 

But, I'm not completely heartless. I love the little things...

Flowers at work are hands down the the best form of PDA, simply because there are so many pros to the entire exchange! 

  1. You're getting flowers, which is always amazing
  2. The whole office gets to witness your special someone doing something extra to make you happy
  3. There is hardly any risk in making anyone feel uncomfortable (unless you read the mushy gushy card out loud)  
  4. Your desk or workspace becomes a whole lot happier 
  5. and... you just got flowers! 

So for any guys who need a suggestion on how to get your girl smiling, never underestimate a little bit of flower power!