My evening with Channel 8's Cynthia Izaguirre

 Photo by: John McCaa

Photo by: John McCaa

One of my favorite things about coming home is being able to watch the news I watched growing up as a child, Channel 8. (Totally nerdy, I know.)  

The thought came to me, before I made my trip home, " I don't want to watch the news on TV this timeā€¦ I want to watch it in person!" 

Ever since I started anchoring weekends at KLTV, it has been my goal to learn as much as I can, as often as I can, to become the best news anchor I can possibly be. 

So, I asked for help from Cynthia Izaguirre. 

Cynthia and I have one amazing thing in common, (besides having high-difficulty last names for our co-workers and viewers) our second jobs were at KLTV in Tyler, under the same amazing boss!


Today, Cynthia is an evening weekday anchor for WFAA, alongside news greats like John McCaa, Dale Hansen and Pete Delkus. 

I asked Cynthia, "would it be okay if I came to watch your 10pm show?" 

She did me one better.

She allowed me to come early so we could talk. I want add that I was freaking out nervous! Me and Cynthia... TALKING together about news! It was surreal! 


She gave me honest advice about what to do and what not to do in this business. She answered my questions about news and calmed my personal insecurities. 

She was real with me...and when I watched her take on the newscast she was just as real with her viewers. 

Cynthia made sure to introduce me to the remaining cast of characters at WFAA. The same group of people that talked to me on my TV for decades.


Each one was just as nice and willing to offer advice as the next. 

My heart was full. I felt respected. I was so proud to tell them that I work for KLTV 7 news and that my wonderful news organization has trusted me to anchor weekend mornings! 

I learned a lot during my short 2 hours with Cynthia. I learned a lot about news, but more importantly, I saw what kind of news person I want to become in the future. 

After last night, I am coming back to East Texas with reinforced excitement and determination! 

I cannot wait to come back to the show I love, Good Morning East Texas Weekend, and use my newfound knowledge to help benefit that show for our incredible viewers. These are the moments that encourage me to work as hard as I possibly can for the business and company who has been so good to me.