That feeling you get when you're home


Happy 23, everyone! I can't believe it has already been a month of Yr. Twenty-Three!

On this special day, I am home for the first time in months, and while I am only going to be in DFW for less than 48 hours, even that short time is completely rejuvenating. 

Every little thing I ever missed about the city (including the traffic) I've been able to load up on, before I go back to East Texas.  

It's so bittersweet coming home as a working girl.  

When I was in college, I only came home because I had to. Now that I am  working full-time, I can't wait for the next mini road trip to see mom and dad.  

I had plenty of family time today, but it ended in the most spectacular place with the most spectacular people.

Sometimes in life you have ask and allow people to say "yes" to you.... 

It was an unbelievable 23. 

More to come, tomorrow.