There are kolaches on my pizza!



This week you can expect to see quite a few posts revolving around food! We are well past the point of achieving the perfect summer body... so I encourage you to join me in these delicious ventures. 

On this evenings menu...


Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Crust Pizza!  

We are combining two meals, both of which I love wholeheartedly (donuts and pizza).  

Now, I thought the kolaches were a little tough, but I can imagine the reason why is because Pizza Hut is trying to mock a true crust to the best of their ability. Nevertheless, the pizza itself was gold and the addition of the bite-sized sausage rolls was a great change to the already amazing pizza game.

I will warn, the pizza is fairly small. Something you're going to want to share with a maximum of 2 people. 

I give this pizza a strong B+!