I got presents on Krispy Kreme's Birthday

Donut Review 3: Krispy Kreme 


Krispy Kreme celebrated it's 87th birthday on Friday and on their big day, they were giving back to their customers with amazing deals on their doughnuts by the dozen! 

I quickly did a search of Krispy Kreme locations near me, only to be disappointed by the sad radius of nothing that surrounded me. I figured maybe I could drive two hours to the closest location, but honestly how crazy would I be for going that far for 12 donuts? 

I chalked it up to a loss. I wasn't going to be able to celebrate this birthday with my favorite doughnut shop in the world...

That was until I got a special delivery... 

Friday didn't turn out to be a missed birthday occasion at all, because my Dad sent me Krispy Kreme from Dallas! It was the most amazing surprise! 

Despite their hours of traveling, they were somehow still overwhelmingly delicious. I found myself smiling through each sugary bite. 

Thank you to the best father in the world and happy birthday, Krispy Kreme!