Last Night in Lufkin, TX

As a journalist, your contacts and connections are worth their weight in gold. While I was beginning to build a my personal list of sources at KTRE, my favorite were made in-house.

I was lucky enough to have met some girls at KTRE that made East Texas news fun!  We were just a bunch of recent college grads hoping to make a break in this big media world.

We learned together, messed up in front of each other and always made sure to get up for another day of news.  

I was able to give my farewells to those ladies tonight. 



It feels like a dream. In less than a week, I will be completely moved to a different city. I will be at a new job. I will be living an entirely new life. 

My memories with these girls will go unsurpassed.  

I will never forget them or the things they taught me.  

I move in 4 days!