Birthday on the Buffalo

In an effort to celebrate my "golden birthday" in the most special way possible, I put a little more pressure on myself when it came to the planning process.

I decided on canoeing the Buffalo River. 

It was once the canoe landed in the water did I think: "Erika, you have absolutely zero canoeing experience and no knowledge of the difficulty of the Buffalo river. What are you doing?" 

"When we push you out there start paddling as fast as you can. Mother nature has a rapid at every turn of this river," said the sixty-year-old canoe master sending us off. 

He was right. We weren't out of that man's eye-sight before our first rapid rattled our small boat. 

In between moments of intense teamwork, the jade green water and over-hanging cliffs were enough to bring us to a complete halt. 

Eight river miles, a countless number of rapids, and only one canoe tump! We considered it a success on the beautiful summer water. 


Now, we look for a little slice of birthday cake in middle-of-nowhere Arkansas for the birthday girl. 


Thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday! I feel so very loved.