Star-spangled deliciousness & why we need a weekend from the weekend

Donut Review 2 - Star Donuts 



It didn't take me long to find some red, white, and blue sprinkled on top of my favorite breakfast treat. This week, I made a pit-stop at Star Donuts in Tyler on my way home from work, and treated myself to my newfound (morning) happy hour. 

Monday is less than 24 hours away and within that time, I will be switching back my clock to a "normal" 8-5pm cycle (as opposed to midnight-9am).

I realize hardly anyone had to work this weekend, but even those who didn't work can agree that this is one of those holiday weekends that you wish you had a couple bonus days between Sunday and Monday just to get your stuff together... because let's be honest, it's not. 

After an extended weekend out with friends and family, whether you traveled or stayed at home relaxing, Monday is not something we are welcoming with open arms.

So to adequately ensure I am not bitter about the coming work week, I am finishing out this patriotic holiday weekend to the best of my ability with friends, greasy food, USA women's soccer, and probably a little bit of cold beer. 

I invite you to do the same! 



P.S. God answered my prayers for no terrorism, last night!