I almost killed my Cali cactus

Impossible right? You can’t kill a cactus…

They require virtually NO maintenance, you hardly have to water them… they are a breeze!

Well, for me it wasn’t that simple.

This cactus serves as the first living plant in my new home and now I am killing it! AHHH, sorry Debbie, please forgive me!

The reason this is all so traumatic is because this cactus was a special gift to me!

I was given this adorable little potted plant by my dear friends Debbie and Lilly when I took my California trip back in October.

And since then, this cactus has been with me through it all.

So when I noticed it started looking a little brown, I panicked and thought watering it every day for seven days straight would perk it right back up!

But then, it started browning even more and I didn’t know what to do! This succulent couldn’t die! We’d been across the country together!

 Doesn't it look like a little pumpkin?! Bigger pot on standby. 

Doesn't it look like a little pumpkin?! Bigger pot on standby. 

I would plead with it before I went to work every day, “please… please don’t die on me!”

I was desperate, so I recruited help from a woman who obviously knows more than me.

Thankfully, my Tyler mom reassured me that if I stop watering it obsessively, it would be okay.

She was right…

The cactus is getting better and losing more of its brown stems. And I am regaining hope that I didn’t do the impossible and kill a freaking cactus!


Glad this baby is as tough as I needed it to be!

I’d say after all this… it deserves a new pot.

More to come for my Cali Cactus.