Behavior of the worst sick person on the planet


It is the real deal in-bed-all-day-can’t-breathe-through-my-nose-tissue-after-tissue-it-hurts-to-cough-and-move kind of cold. 

This cold also so conveniently lands one day before my vacation time, as if my vacation time wasn’t already so precious!  Nevertheless, I am staying in bed downing water and looping Christmas movies on Netflix. That part isn’t too bad. 

But when it comes to getting better… that part needs to happen PRONTO, although this is where I am reminded what a terrible sick patient I am. 

Medicine? No. That pill is too big for my sore throat. 

Rest? I can’t sit in bed all day and feel good about myself. 

And good healthy food? If we’re being real… I just want a ridiculous amount of Christmas cookies.

But in that same breath, can someone come play with my hair until I fall asleep?

Lord, help me! 

Yes (but really no)