You can't heal completely before you put your boots back on


It’s been over a month since my trip to California and my desire to get my hiking boots back on has been intensifying daily. 

But I’m not necessarily physically ready to go on any sort of huge hike. Despite how much I would love to do that, my poor feet are still healing from the four hikes I completed in the first four days of my trip, several weeks ago. 

Feet.. gross… I know… It’s the price you pay to see God’s green earth on foot! 

And unfortunately, just like any pair of heels, you have to stay in good standing with these shoes. You can’t just wear your boots every now and then! You have to make sure your feet stay used to them! Time is of the essence! 

I woke up today and decided I would get those hiking boots back on my feet and start moving. Now, I just have to figure our where I am going to go and what adventure will lead me to my next mental and physical escape. 

Putting these shoes back on is really just like any obstacle in life. Why waste the time waiting for everything to go back to normal when you know good and well things don't always go back to normal. They change!

Why not just jump right in to the next trail and if you happen to wear your feet from the terrain, well then at least you know you’ll callous and be better prepared next time!