The weight of a tough story

Three days of peeling back the initial layers of a multi-homicide case in Anderson County, completed. Many more days of coverage on this investigation lie ahead of me, but for now, a break. 


I left the office today, essentially handing over the reins of this assignment to the next reporter, while I have a quick weekend. 

My body and mind were fatigued. My heart finally feeling the weight of a story in which six people were murdered in a way you would only expect to see in a scary movie plot. 

For three days, my brain did a good job distracting my heart, while I focused on retrieving as much information as possible. But when I crossed the station doors this evening, I couldn't help but hurt so deeply for this family and one survivor who witnessed these unnecessary deaths.

I called it a night after a nice dinner out. Sleep is in high demand. 

The upcoming work week will be here before I know it. I plan to squeeze in some much needed "me time" between now and then.