That moment you realize there is no going back: We're adults

 Seth, Mae, and Eri 

Seth, Mae, and Eri 

It was me and the guy who has remained a semi-constant in my best friend’s life for the last four years, sitting on the patio of Boomerjacks Bar and Grill. Together we waited on our girl to get done with her 12 hour shift (as a CPA), contemplating whether or not we should order a round of Fireball. (one too many could be the death of the following work day)

We were exhausted from a long day but all we wanted to do was have fun. We wanted to have fun like we used to… before we became real adults, with real careers, and the full responsibility of life. 

“Remember when we used to be able to rally together like 20 people to go out!? And every night there was something to do!?” Seth asked. “Now, the highlight of my week is occasionally going to my mom’s house for dinner.” 

I could hardly breathe from laughing so hard. Seth was having a moment of brilliance. He was right! 

While I gained my composure, my head started spinning with college memories.

Birthdays, karaoke, bingo nights, $1 nights, Thursday nights, Friday nights, Saturday nights, Sunday brunch, sorority socials, football games, basketball games, all-nighters studying, philanthropy events, intramural sports, and so on.

We were the students who enjoyed every aspect of college! We knew all along how special it was. And now we have to be okay with the fact that we aren’t getting that back! We’re here in adulthood and we’re here to stay! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Upon Mae’s arrival, we decided that Fireball round was a good idea. And it ended up being a very good idea. 

Mae had me cracking up at her stories about being a first year accountant and all the rookie stuff she has to do. All of us at that table knew what it is like to be a rookie. “You’ve gotta start somewhere!” every parent preaches. 

And even though we were lightheartedly complaining about the mundane responsibilities we now have to worry about, we were all really happy. And maybe that’s just because when you’re with your friends, they get you and that automatically makes any situation better...

We crossed the “real world” threshold everyone warned us about! But we’re still young… it only goes up from here right?