We boated through a neighborhood underwater to save a dog


It was one of the most incredible scenes I have seen during my time as a reporter. An entire neighborhood in East Texas was literally underwater. The cause was from the release of all the dams in Corsicana that began filling the Trinity River, eventually snowballing down through Palestine, Tx. 

This image was just the beginning of what was once a road, now turned into a continuation of the lake nearby. 

I wadded about a hundred yards through this water to get to the flat-bottom boat of a resident who lived down this block. 

Together, we hopped in the small floating device and sailed several streets down to rescue a community dog. 

The current was fast, which messed with my head, because all I could think was, "this is a freaking neighborhood! This shouldn't be happening!" But it was. 

It took about 20 minutes to get to the area of houses which sat higher than most, near the lake. 

Suddenly, "Little Girl" started pacing her small patch of elevated land. She knew we were coming for her. The men I was with went to fetch her and brought her to the boat. 


She was startled, scared, and thankful... but I don't know how anyone wouldn't be in that kind of terrifying situation. 

We got her out of there and journeyed another 20 min back to the part of the road that hadn't been swallowed up by water. 

Little Girl was nervous by every large jolt of the boat (me and her both), but eventually we made it back safely. 

For a while, I spoke to the people who were displaced from their homes. They were concerned about their homes and families, yes, but they were so very much concerned about this dog. 

The entire community took care of her after her owner died. They knew they had to get her out. 

I was excited simply to be a part of the this beautiful process, and when it was all said and done, I got a few kisses out of it. 


It was a good day to be a reporter.