An open Letter to Drew Barrymore: I wrongly bookmarked your book with a bottle cap



I started reading your new book Wildflower on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Wildflower was delivered to my door the day the book was released, but I knew I wasn't going to open it until I had the opportunity to sit down and give it all of my attention. 

I read the short preface in a matter of minutes. I read it out loud because I wanted to hear your words. 

But I quickly noticed I didn't have a bookmark. I turned to look at my nightstand for help, but I saw nothing more than books, magazines, a water bottle, some bills, and a bottle cap from a finished beer. 

I thought, "hmm, from what I have heard of Drew's life, she was pretty wild. I guess this Bud Light bottle cap is fitting!" 

Mind you, I'm not one to even fold the corners of my new books,  much less allow a bottle cap to imprint a series of dimples to the pages where I temporarily quit reading. 

This is where I want to apologize. Right off the bat, I wrongfully judged your life and for that I am sorry. I thought I knew who you were and you told me different. 

For two days, my life was your life. I couldn't stop turning the page (unless I fell asleep reading or had to go to work). I allowed my room to become messy, as putting my clothes in the hamper or shoes on their respective shelves took too many seconds away from time with this book. 

Wildflower was a series of love letters to the people of your past (and present) that made me laugh so hard I could hear my own echo, and cry so intensely I kept a just-in-case tissue box handy. 

But I want to be clear on why I cried. It wasn't because you made me sad or said something so sweet. I cried because you told stories that inspired me so much, my heart could not express my gratitude and connection in any other way. 


I love that throughout the whole book you are constantly saying "yes". I love that you jumped off the cruise ship because you felt too caged in with all the oldies!  I love that you hated hiking and wanted to give up. I love that you went to India and Africa. I love that you truly love all the actors, actresses and directors you worked with from E.T, to Grey Gardens and on! And I love your stories about being a new mother. I appreciate them way more than any other mother I have ever seen on Facebook or heard ranting about how perfect their kids are. 

I'm going to tell everyone I know to read your book because it is like reading a note passed to you from your best friend in grade school. It's scandalous and loving and honest and evokes so much awesome emotion. 

I took a lot from your book. I had a list of favorite quotes from your writing, but I think this one about girls goes without needing any backstory and I love that it applies so perfectly to the idea of this entire year of blogging on Yr. Twenty-Three.  

"Girls want to do what boys do without losing the idea that they want love at the end of the day! They also love each other as women and they are stronger together. They want to kick ass and have fun!" 


I couldn't have said it better. Thank you for being the most sincere you. 

...and sorry about the bottle cap. It was too abrasive and should have all along been a wildflower