The Halloween costume I wore until 7am the next day

Donut Review 18: Walmart Doughnuts and Dozen Doughnuts Onesie 


It's true, the first 7 hours of November I was wearing my Halloween costume from the night before. 

In fact, I can probably bet I wore my Halloween costume twice as long as many did on Halloween night and I'm totally not ashamed of it. 

My costume was the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my body and I believe it was designed for me!  

 Costume 1: Kylie Jenner 

Costume 1: Kylie Jenner 

I started off the night with a tight "Balmain" inspired dress, big over-lined lips, and my new blunt bob haircut perfectly straightened, so that I would be the ideal Kylie Jenner. 

The costume was easy, it was last-minute, and if you didn't already know, my sister's engagement was a slight distraction to my Halloween brain! 

I ran by Walmart to pick up a party-favor for the house gathering I was headed to and just as I passed the first couple aisles, I saw a onesie I couldn't ignore. 

This pink onesie, stacked with sprinkle doughnuts, stared at me saying, "I'm yours." And it was. Ten minutes later, I ditched the Kylie theme and found myself in my new costume. 

It was incredible! 

 Can't  be  "a dozen doughnuts" and not  bring  a dozen doughnuts to the party! 

Can't be "a dozen doughnuts" and not bring a dozen doughnuts to the party! 

Being that Halloween fell on a weekend, I didn't have the opportunity stay at the party for too long, before I had to report to work at 1am. 

But when I got to the office, I found no reason in changing out of my new doughnut power suit, so on it stayed! 

I truly wish I could have worn it during the show and maybe one day, in my wildest dreams, it will happen! Until then, I have found the world's best pajama onesie to call mine.