When you're just a little early for the party

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been able to hold on to some of my favorite plans about as good as I can hold spaghetti with a spoon. 

I swear it’s not because I am afraid to put myself in a potentially uncomfortable situation. In fact, I am craving something new and distracting and fun! (and I’m not talking strictly a relationship... I’m talking adventure of any and every variety)

I’m the girl ready, open, and willing for something to sweep me away into oblivion! I’m standing here with my arms wide open towards the sky, ready for the lightning to strike! It feels so close and then someone turns the lights on, we’re back to reality, and Ironic by Alanis Morissette plays in the background. 

This is what I get for reading too many damn books and for running away to California…

Over and over I have to laugh at my happenstance. I end up having to find something completely new to do, which (thank God) always ends up being fun all on its own. 

But I still needed answers...

Mom, it’s like I can’t plan for anything! Am I simply putting myself out there for too much?? Therefore, making my risk of failure much higher than the next? …Or am I really the most unlucky person on the planet?” (We have all felt this way before!)

Mom giggled at my attempt at optimism. “Eri, you’re just a little early, that’s all.” 

I’m early? That’s it? 

I paused for a quick second to think about it and she was right. 

I’m early. That is it. 

We are all supposed to have this immense trust in the “almighty clock” of which we have absolutely no control of. It’s easier said than done!

But what I found whenever I had the “you’re just early" epiphany was that (like everyone says) it’s better to be early than late! 

There is nothing worse than the anxiety of feeling behind the clock… and unfortunately for some, they will always be behind the clock, regretting the things they could have done in their lives. 

Not on my watch.

I have not missed the party… I’m just pre-gaming, if you will. 

Cheers & Yes, 



More to come...