My friends who saved my sister's engagement

 Blake Taylor (middle), Ryan Brown-Moreno (right)

Blake Taylor (middle), Ryan Brown-Moreno (right)

The secret of my sister's engagement only became harder to keep from leaving my mouth as we approached the homecoming bonfire. 

Truth be told, had it not been for my dear friend Ryan Brown-Moreno (Brown Brown), our entire night would have been turned upside down, because we had no idea the bonfire was moved UP and hour! 

If we would have arrived as planned at 9 p.m., the fireworks would have been done, the fire would have already been well lit and burning, and we would have had to rush through the whole entire process! 

So when Brown Brown sent me a "where are you" text at 8:30, I knew we had to up and move our party with some pep in our step. 

We showed up just as the torchlight parade met the bare pile of wood in the intramural fields. Just in time... and just like good friends always do, they showed up for me with impeccable timing, as well. 

 Big and Little: Amber Owens and newly engaged Julia 

Big and Little: Amber Owens and newly engaged Julia 

First Ryan, then Amber (Julia's Alpha Chi Omega big sister), and shortly after Blake (go-to college formal date and forever college BFF)

I needed these people way more than I thought I did. They kept me a comfortable distance from my sister and they made everything look natural. 

Ryan and Amber kept me distracted with plenty of excited girl banter about when we thought Payne was going to pop the question, while Blake caught up with my dad about Lumberjack athletics and life outside of college. 

In that moment, everything was so perfect because I wasn't just with my family, I was with the people who loved and supported me too! And when the storybook romance fell into place... they were there cheering and crying happy tears, right by my side. 

It took a village, but we all got it done! 

Another cheers to Julia & Payne! I love you.