WATCH: SFA Bonfire engagement featuring the most incredibly timed fireworks display

WATCH: SFA Bonfire engagement featuring the most incredibly timed fireworks display

I took this picture of my sister and my breath was taken from me. She is stunning beyond belief, gazing down at the engagement ring that so beautifully graces her hand. 

What she doesn't know, is that ring sat in my purse the entire evening. Her fiancĂ© casually slipping it in my bag as we were walking through the parking lot to dinner!  

The whole night I felt like I had a weight in my purse. The key to my sister's future sat in a little scarlet box, waiting to be opened. 

The night seemed to drag as all of the Bazalduas (minus Julia) knew what was soon to happen. To all of our surprise, Julia was off her guard. She had absolutely no idea what the night was bringing. 

But we all had to be normal, which was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do! 

Payne and I had an understanding that when he was ready, he would come get the ring from me. He was ready to get that ring in his possession faster than I was prepared for! 

"You sure you're ready?" I asked him under my breath. 

"Yeah," he said with the sweetest nervous smile. 

Payne, being the thoughtful man he is, took his time. More time than this big sister was comfortable with! 

He allowed Jules to enjoy the bonfire, talk to friends, take pictures holding up her last "axe" without a gorgeous diamond on it. I couldn't help but think, "let's get this show on the road!" 

Then, just as he planned, Julia suggested they take their annual bonfire picture, he knelt down on one knee and literal storybook fireworks burst into the sky! 

It was the most beautiful act of love I have ever been able to capture... and it was an event my words would not do justice. I invite you to see the proposal video below. 


The fireworks continued well into the night. The overwhelming love from our family and friends, near and far, swept in like a flood. Our family and hearts grew a little bit bigger. 

I look forward to explaining to you all (as this wedding journey unfolds) just how special this young man is to me. I couldn't imagine a better person to call my family. 


Happily ever after began tonight...