The only appropriate way to close out a beautifully chaotic month

 Jermaine, Eri, Amber, Ryan, Chelsea, and Wil 

Jermaine, Eri, Amber, Ryan, Chelsea, and Wil 

The month is over and I can't do anything but smile looking back on it all. 

This weekend I traveled to Nacogdoches for a special homecoming festivity. 

I had some apprehension coming back to Nacogdoches for my first Homecoming as an alumni. Two months ago, I crossed this city line and (with much difficulty) left a big part of my life behind me. 


Naturally, my heart was nervous. Mostly because now, I am getting reacquainted with this special place and the entirely new set of memories I will have within it. 

But before I could truly begin to worry, the night started falling perfectly into place. Soon enough, I was surrounded by my best friends at my favorite spot in Nac and we were anticipating a very fun evening! 

Just like in college, we became lost in the fun of the simply being together. We laughed, we danced, and we even got a special show from rap group, Yung Nation! (giggling writing that sentence) 

The night's events couldn't have played out more appropriately! I ended this beautifully chaotic month with a beautifully chaotic night with my closest and dearest friends, which was everything I could have hoped for


So in the spirit of closing out the month, here's one final quick look at October...

I went on the road trip of a lifetime, hiked some of God's most beautiful creations, met some pretty incredible people on my journey, happily spoiled myself on multiple occasions, did some legal graffiti work, witnessed a sky full of balloons, drank champagne on Laguna Beach, had to have the cops come get me out of a scary motel, prayed more than I have in a long time, got some mud slung on me, put together some of my favorite stories at work, and learned that I can handle a whole lot on my own!

Four months of Yr. 23 and my head spins looking at all of the change! On to November!