National Chocolate Day treats

 Cupcake Cabernet & Raspberry Dark Chocolate 

Cupcake Cabernet & Raspberry Dark Chocolate 

National Chocolate Day conveniently landing on my Friday called for a special celebration. 

It was one of those days where all I could think about was getting home, putting on my pjs and doing nothing

As soon as I was done with my reporting assignments, I B-lined it for my local Fresh. Your favorite red wine and chocolate count as dinner, right?  

Before I knew it, I was living out the daydreaming I had been imagining all day. I curled up on the living room couch with my sweet treats and proceeded to have girl talk with my Tyler house mom. A little girl talk always makes the wine taste better! 

The next time I will have to go back to work, it will be the last day of October! Wow, where did 2015 go?